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Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor

Title [Food & Liquor ]
Artist [Lupe Fiasco ]
Label [Atlantic ] Genre [Hip-Hop ]
Quality/Size [44,1 @VBR 98,9 MB] Ripped [09-13-2006 ]
Grabbed from [CDDA ] Enc [Lame ]
Website [n/a ]

Track Time Title

01 03:07 Intro
02 04:03 Real F. Sarah Green
03 04:24 Just Might Be OK F. Gemini
04 04:14 Kick, Push
05 03:59 I Gotcha
06 03:26 The Instrumental F. Jonah Matranga
07 04:12 He Say She Say F. Gemini & Sarah Green
08 03:56 Sunshine
09 03:55 Daydreamin' F. Jill Scott
10 03:47 Cool
11 04:23 Hurt Me Soul
12 04:47 Pressure F. Jay-Z
13 04:41 American Terrorist F. Matthew Santos
14 02:57 The Emperor's Soundtrack
15 04:12 Kick, Push II
16 12:13 Outro

00 72:16 min

Make sure u get this album to support this album, thats what im doin.

Here are two of my favorites:

Pressure F. Jay-Z

Daydreamin' F. Jill Scott

full album can be found at the forums..
Press "save target as" to download
Bow Wow Ft. Chris Brown - Shorty Like Mine

Woo this song is some fire. If you listen to it once then you will listen to it again I PROMISE LOL!!! YAP getting back into the groove with the blogging. With the forum being highly active and popular. As T.I. said.



Well many people know the forum now. So I decided to make a write-up blog, so I can write on the music and other things that I feel. YAS U GUYS WILL READ !!! LOL!!! First of all...I am tired of people opening music blogs and closing them. If you have a strong feeling for letting people hear new things and gathering info and bringing different things please make one. But if you just want to let people look at what you listen to please be my guest and get a LAST.FM page. :)

For the first post. Beyonce...yes.

1. Deja Vu - Beyoncé, Jay-Z
2. Get Me Bodied
3. Suga Mama
4. Upgrade U - Beyoncé, Jay-Z
5. Ring the Alarm
6. Kitty Kat
7. Freakum Dress
8. Green Light
9. Irreplaceable
10. Resentment

Download: BP FORUMS

UMM lets see. The only hot songs were "Deja Vu, Upgrade U, Freakum Dress, Green Light, and Irreplaceable". Oh and when you are drunk beyond redemption "Ring The Alarm" sounds good. This album was a great sophomore effort. I really didn't listen to her first album :(. The only songs I listened to on "Dangerously In Love" was, "Baby Boy, Dangerously In Love Pt. 2, and Crazy In Love". Good for her. The CD is actually ear worthy. Listen to it at the Forums. BUY IT TOO.


NEW LOCATION (its forum style)

my new site. I will be turning my site into forums just to be a little bit safer. Don't worry, the forums are 100 times better and more interactive, meaning you can actually requests songs and other people can help you out. The Music Archive is in the NEW SINGLES forum, don't worry I did not delete anything. SO REGISTER THERE, this blog will just direct you to my other site by tonight or tomorrow. THE FUN IS JUST BEGINNING!
Kelis - 80's Joint []
Ok...kelis..this is...nice. I am glad that she is in peace with herself and her style. Kelis creates a whole new level of weirdness with this track. But I cannot lie, it is nice and layed back. It's like some of that stuff you would hear on a NEO-SOUL ALBUM....I love neo soul so I have no complaints. But why am I putting all these dots in the posts. I like her album so far. It's kind of different from the rest of the slutty stuff that the girls are bringing now. Best of all, shes actually married, ha! Give it to her! Shes workin it!

Credit: Honorable Media
Petey Pablo - Show Me Tha Money []
I was going to regret posting this just because it's Petey Pablo. It goes against my beliefs and all my morals LOL!!! But dang this beat is PURE FIRE! I only post pure fire songs, you better believe that. It's a serious club banger fasho. This better be on his new album. What does Petey Pablo have? He was on BET a few years ago for his last CD. He kinda was not in fame, then went in fame, then drowned out in the background. I don't know about his carreer now, but this song is fine by me.

Credit: Honorable Media
Bobby Valentino - Checkin' Me []
Block-Party EXCLUSIVE. DO NOT STEAL. IF YOU GOT IT FROM HERE SAY YOU DID BECAUSE I AM THE ONLY ONE WITH IT, OTHER THAN THE PRODUCER (and friends). Can you do that? Other than that, I love this song! It's from Bobby's new album called "Special Occasion" that is coming out. The beat is FIRE and you can't handle it. Bobby always finds a way to get a crazy beat like he did with "Tell Me." His new album won't be far from what he has already been doing. Don't forget to pick up his new album "Special Occasion" on Sept 19th!


Danity Kane - One Shot (Handle It) []
Danity Kane - Hold Me Down []
ALL I NEED IS ONE SHOT!! YOU THINK YOU CAN HANDLE ME!?!?! Wooo!! Danity Kane bringing the HEAT. I LOVE ONE SHOT!!! It was produced by Bryan Cox, and it is hot. I don't know how music lasted this many years, and the songs still sound original. I can't wait till Danity Kane's CD is out. Diddy did pick the right people, I don't think Danity Kane would have lasted anywhere if he picked some of the other girls. They are good to go FASHO! Credit goes to Jemel46!

NOTE:I got a new server hosted by Jason from StarBlogs.com so say thanks to him. So what you need to do to download is RIGHT CLICK AND PRESS "SAVE TARGET AS" on the song link.


UNeSS Ft. Atiba - Finally
It's Uness Time! Finally is one of UNeSS's 2006 productions. It is nothing like his old stuff, it is way better. It has a weird feeling to the beat, but in a very good way. There is Jamaican man on this track that goes by the name of Atiba. He brings some nice flavor to the track. UNeSS sings the song and makes it so great. I have also added a bonus download because I want UNeSS's name known!!! NEXT SELECTION 06' !!!

Bonus: Atiba Ft. UNeSS - Shes Fine [prod. by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins]
Big Pun feat. UNeSS- Never was a Playa

The musical genius UNeSS is at it again! Big Pun has got UNeSS on this track and adds a ridiculous hook to the song. The beat has a very free feeling to it, and yes it has some PIANO!! A real breath of fresh air from all the crunk lasers and high pitch screams LOL! The beat changes up also which is kind of rare now. UNeSS adds has his awsome falsetto voice to the track and gives it a nice groovy feeling to it. With music its all about the "feeling." Get some UNeSS in your life folks LOL
New layout ya'll!! The votes were counted and the results are

T.I. (53)
Omarion (29)
Ciara (87)
Cassie (164)
Justin Timberlake (53)
Total votes:386

YES CASSIE WINS WITH 164 VOTES!!! .....yes....she is up there now...just sitting there...mhmm
Stacie Orrico - Beautiful Awakening [Advance][2006]

Beautiful Awakening (Advance) Part One
Beautiful Awakening (Advance) Part Two
1. So Simple
2. I'm Not Missing You
3. Dream You
4. Easy To Luv
5. Save Me
6. Take Me Away
7. Babygirl
8. Wait
9. Is It Me
10. Don't Ask Me To Stay
11. I Can'r Give It Up
12. Beautiful Awakening

Start | Stop

Hey Ya'll this is Stacie Orrico's (advance) Album titled "Beautiful Awakening." I love it so much, all the songs fits her CD theme, nothing ultra poppy. If you want to post this please CREDIT ME. What's wrong with credit? I know a couple of people that hate credit and just totally disregards it LOL (not calling out anyone). ENJOY!!!



1. King Back
2. Front Back (Featuring UGK)
3. What You Know
4. I'm Talkin' To You
5. Live In The Sky (Featuring Jamie Foxx)
6. Ride Wit Me
7. The Breakup
8. Why You Wanna
9. Get It
10. Top Back
11. I'm Straight (Featuring BG and Young Jeezy)
12. Undertaker (Featuring Young Buck and Young Dro)
13. Stand Up Guy
14. You Know Who
15. Goodlife (Featuring Pharrell and Common)
16. Hello (Featuring Governor)
17. Told You So
18. Bankhead (Featuring P$C and Young Dro)

Start | Stop
Xzibit - Concentrate
New Xzibit! He's trying to hop back into the game very tidily but fails to do so. His flow is bad on this one. His rap sounds like a 5 year old made it, which is really sad because kids these days do say all that mess that is on this track. The beat is FIRE and it has this weird sounding man in the background that does not flood Xzibit's voice which is also cold. Check it out ya'll.
Bobby Valentino - Brand New
Bobby V mmm....fine by me. Yes a new one from him. Let me tell you, this song has been on repeat for a long time, because the chorus is crack filled. It is FIRE BOBBY!!! AHH!!! His album is totally leaking, the feeling has come to the light. The voice and beat makes this song addicting. The beat is nice and simple a almost slow song, but not too slow. GET IT...NOW.
Pharrell - Swagger International ("save target as")
Its a hot Pharrell that didn't come in reach with the album....don't know why. Yes the track flows and its good. I never listened to Pharrell's "In My Mind" because I did not think it was that good. Well I'm going to give it a listen after listening to this track.

Here is a bonus because it was called OLD and I found someone said it was new.
Ashanti - Don't Leave Me Alone


Marques Houston - Miss Being Your Man
There he goes with his falsetto voice. I think he is trying to make that a signature or something. I am getting pretty annoyed by it tho. I liked when he sang in his regular tone. His songs are leaking...why..and how. But Favorite Girl is better. This is nothing special.

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